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Let's Reflect, Reset, and Reboot!

This year brought unexpected events to our city and forced many of us to change our lifestyles and habits. While there are many things we can’t control, taking care of our minds and bodies is essential to staying healthy and positive, even during challenging times.


Join us in spreading the word about the ReNew Year challenge - a 15 day mind-body challenge hosted by WorkWell NYC and powered by MoveSpring. By encouraging your co-workers to sign up for ReNew Year, you will be helping them commit to building habits for a healthier mind and body.


This page contains everything you need to know to engage your agency in ReNew Year. See below for details and promotional materials!

Challenge Dates:

Registration closes: December 6th

Challenge begins: December 7th

Challenge ends: December 21st

Challenge Details

ReNew Year challenges you to do one thing each day for your mind and your body:

Each day will include an activity that will help you reflect on the past year with gratitude, focus on the present with mindfulness, and look forward to the next year with positivity.



Choose your level – are you a Goal Getter, a Holiday Hustler, or ready to Sleigh All Day? Aim to reach 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000+ steps each day of the challenge.


Communication Materials

Use these materials and templates to promote the ReNew Year Challenge at your agency: 

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Email Template

Registration Guide

Email Signature

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MoveSpring FAQs

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Social Media

Additional Resources

Take the ReNew Year Challenge to the next level at your worksite with these complementary tools: 

  • Pop-Up Agency Fitness Classes – Agencies can now schedule one time virtual fitness classes for their agency. Use this form to request a class (at least one month in advance).

  • On-Demand Fitness Videos – Share these on-demand fitness videos with your agency to get employees get moving anytime, anywhere.


  • Ways to Get Steps Indoors – This helpful tip sheet is great to share with your agency now that the weather has gotten colder.


  • Forming a New Movement Routine – Have colleagues at your agency that are new to our challenges? Share this tip sheet with them to help them find motivation.


  • Spell Your Agency Workout – Share this post on your agency's social media page or with your colleagues to help them get quick steps in from wherever they are. 

  • Breathing Exercise -Taking time to notice our breathe and focus our intention is a helpful tool for mindfulness and focus. 

  • Meditation 101 - Meditating regularly can reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost your mood. Share these tips with your colleagues to help them jumpstart their meditation practice. 

Challenge Details
Communication Materials
Additional Resources
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