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Let's Get Moving, NYC!

WorkWell NYC is on a mission to get NYC moving more! This fall, we invite you and your agency to join us for STEPtember - a fun month-long walking challenge where thousands of city employees will participate to reach a collective goal of a billion steps!  

As a WorkWell NYC Ambassador, you can help us reach our billion step goal by getting all hands (feet) on deck at your agency! By encouraging your co-workers to sign up for STEPtember, you will be helping to build a healthier, friendlier and more energetic workplace. 


This page contains everything you need to know to engage your agency in STEPtember. See below for details and promotional materials, and may the best agency win!

Registration ends: September 9th

Challenge begins: September 10th

Challenge ends:  October 8th

**Employees can visit to learn more and to register for the challenge.**

General Flyer

Challenge Details

There are two ways to participate in the STEPtember Billion Step Challenge

  • On a team: Represent your agency on a team with 15-20 of your co-workers

  • Individually: Challenge yourself to hit 10,000 steps every day of the challenge 

**All participants will automatically be enrolled in the individual challenge and can opt into the team challenge.**



Missed the informational webinar? No worries! Watch the recording for more details on how your co-workers can join your agency's team and win fun prizes!

About the Team Challenge

Over 70 city agencies will be represented in STEPtember across 400+ teams. Learn more about the team challenge and how teams are organized.

Tracking Steps with MoveSpring

The STEPtember Challenge is powered by MoveSpring - a digital platform that tracks steps across users. Learn how to use MoveSpring to participate in the challenge.

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STEPtember steps.png

Communication Materials

Use these materials and templates to promote the STEPtember Challenge at your agency: 

steptember email templates.PNG

General Flyer

STEPtember poster photo.PNG

Email Templates

MoveSpring FAQs

Challenge Rules

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Registration Guide

steptember 2019 - registration photo.PNG
steptember 2109 faqs photo.PNG
steptember 2019 - rules photo.PNG

Social Media

Additional Resources

Take the STEPtember Challenge to the next level at your worksite with these complementary tools: 

  • Email Signature - Promote the challenge by copy and pasting the following text into your email signature, "Step it up! Join thousands of City employees in the STEPtember Walking Challenge. Participate on our agency’s team or individually and help us reach 1 billion steps! Register at"

  • Stair Prompts -  Replacing an elevator ride with an occasional trek up the stairs is a great way to sneak in extra steps during the workday! Encourage employees to take the stairs during STEPtember and beyond by hanging these stair prompts throughout your building. (Be sure to get clearance from your agency leadership and building facilities manager before doing so.)

  • Walking Club Guide - STEPtember is the perfect time to organize a lunchtime walking club with your co-workers! This is a great opportunity to explore the surrounding areas near your worksite and rack up extra steps for your agency!

STEPtember Ambassador Rewards

Earn points towards the WorkWell NYC Ambassador Rewards Program by engaging your colleagues in the STEPtember Billion Step Challenge!

Ambassadors can earn a maximum of 40 points for implementing activities that help maximize participation in the STEPtember Walking Challenge at your worksite. Ambassadors will receive a survey link in December to report the tasks they completed.


Prizes wil be rewarded at the next Ambassador Recognition Event!

Earn points for completing the following tasks: 

In It To Win It

Participate in the STEPtember Walking Challenge

(10 points)

All "Feet" On Deck

Request an additional team for your agency

(5 points)

Lead By Example

Get senior leadership at your agency to participate in the challenge or send messages of encouragement

(15 points)

Walk the Walk

Organize a walk or walking club at your worksite


(10 points)

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