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About the Team Challenge:

Over 70 city agencies will be represented in STEPtember across 400+ teams! Learn more about how the team challenge works below: 

Agency Teams:                                                                                                                   
All agencies have been allocated teams based on their size and previous participation in WorkWell NYC Walking Challenges. (Click on the image to the right to view the # of teams allocated to your agency)

Teams in MoveSpring:                                                                                                     
Teams are prepopulated in the MoveSpring app and are identifiable by your agency's logo and abbreviated name. (e.g. ACS-01, ACS-02) 

Team Size:                                                                                                                               
Each team must have 15-20 members to be eligible to participate once the challenge begins. Note: Participants on teams with less than 15 members will be moved to another team within their agency before the challenge begins. 

STEPtember - Agency Listing (photo).PNG

Joining a Team:

Employees are able to join any team listed under their agency. Teams are open to agency employees on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not specific to any location and/or division. 

Participating on a Team with Co-workers: 

Participants should let their co-workers know the name of the team in which they plan to join, in order to participate on the same team.

Switching Teams: 

Participants are allowed to switch teams (within their agency) as often as desired before the challenge begins. Once STEPtember begins, 

participants will no longer be able to change teams. 

Team Step Count: 

The team with the highest average step count will win the challenge. Team average step counts are calculated using the following formula: 

Total # of steps taking by all team members / total # of team members 

Winning Categories: 


Most Active Team: The team with the highest average step count will be crowned the STEPtember winners! 



Stick To It: All individuals who hit 8,000 steps or more at least 80% of the challenge (24 out of 30 days) will also be rewarded. 


Commissioners Club: All individuals who go the extra mile and hit 10,000 steps or more at least 90% of the challenge (27 out of 30 days) will also be rewarded.  

Each borough will feature a scavenger hunt with points of interest to visit to get your steps in. Earn bonus steps to your final individual step average for each place you visit in your borough!

To request additional teams for your agency, email

Registration Guide

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