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About MoveSpring:

The STEPtember Challenge is powered by MoveSpring - a digital platform that tracks steps across users.


Setting up MoveSpring is easy as 1-2-3! Learn more below: 

1. Make a MoveSpring account

MoveSpring can be accessed via your internet browser or mobile device (iPhone/Android).

2. Connect a step tracking device

Participants must connect a step tracker to their MoveSpring account, such as a smart phone or wearable device

  • A list of wearable devices can be found here​.  

  • Android users must also download the GoogleFit app in order to sync their steps to MoveSpring

  • Step tracking devices must be carried at all times to ensure all steps are accounted for during the challenge

3. Sync your steps

MoveSpring will only sync with your step tracking device when the app is open on your phone

  • This is to prevent your battery from being drained. While the app is able to pull up to 5 days’ worth of steps at once, we encourage you to open the app at least once daily to ensure all your steps are shown in real-time.

  •  Apple and Google Fit users can only sync via the app. Learn how to sync steps on a computer here.


For more information about MoveSpring, participants can view the MoveSpring FAQs here.

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