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The Big Apple Crunch is an annual event that began in New York City in 2012. It was created by GrowNYC and the NYC Office of Food Policy to celebrate National Food Day and promote local, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Join thousands of New Yorkers across the state and to take a “collective crunch” into a fresh, local apple!

Follow the steps below to host a Big Apple Crunch event at your worksite:






How:         There are 3 steps to setting up a successful Big Apple Crunch:

1.   BYO...Apples: Procure apples for your employees or ask that they bring their own.     

     Farmers' markets across the city are full of fresh, local apples. Find a nearby

     market here.​

2.   Spread the word: Use the flyers and the email template in the communications

      section below to advertise your Big Apple Crunch event. Whether your site can

      provide apples for employees or you ask employees to bring their own, there is a

      template you can use!

3.   Gather, crunch, and snap: On Big Apple Crunch day, make sure to take photos of

      your employees crunching on their apples! Email your pictures to or tag us on Instagram @workwellnyc with the hashtag        


NYC Employees at your worksite.

Organize a crunch of locally grown apples at the same time and same place as others in your agency and across the state.

October 25, 2019 (or any date and time when you anticipate the best attendance).

Any common space will work, such as a conference room, cafeteria, or lobby. Book a room that works best for you!

Communication Materials

Use these materials and templates to promote the Big Apple Crunch at your agency: 

instructions pic.PNG



"Apples Provided" Flyer


BYO Apples Flyer

Email template pic.PNG

Email Template

Additional Resources

Take the Big Apple Crunch to the next level at your worksite with these complementary tools: 

  • Farmers’ Market map – Farmers’ markets are a great resource for healthy, local fruits and vegetables all year round! Locate the nearest farmers’ market and spread the word!  (Look for the snowflake icon to find markets open year-round.)

  • Salad Social toolkit  – bring your Big Apple Crunch celebration to the next level by turning it into a salad social potluck! This toolkit can help you organize and promote a Salad Social at your worksite.

  • Hydration Station – host a water infusion tasting and use apples and other fruits, vegetables and herbs to bring farm-fresh flavor to water.

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